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Manage cyber risks by going beyond the basics

Cyber-criminal tactics are constantly evolving and that means that the security tactics that you used yesterday aren’t enough for today. These days you have to go beyond the basics to set up an effective defense that will repel attacks and enable you to bounce back if and when and if you do have a cyber intruder.

Cybersecurity is a business priority

The realization that a cyber-attack could harm your business up to the point of failure is incentive enough for executives to want to proactively defend their organizations from cyber threats.

Some businesses carry an even higher level of risk or have urgent needs to quickly mature their security posture because they:

  • Have regulatory compliance or security accountability requirements.
  • Store highly sensitive data like intellectual property or trade secrets.
  • Realize their internal IT team doesn’t have the expertise or bandwidth to handle cybersecurity.
  • Experienced a cyber-attack and don’t want the same thing to happen again.
  • Need to qualify for and get their best rates on cyber insurance.

What is Managed Cyber Defense?

Managed Cyber Defense is simply outsourced cybersecurity services customized to your business and your unique risk profile and tolerance.

The benefits you get from our arsenal of sophisticated technology tools and dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC) give you a level of security that’s just not possible without outsourcing.

When you have Managed Cyber Defense from Bellwether, you can rest easy knowing that you have the strength of an expert team of cybersecurity professionals working on your behalf – repelling attacks, detecting intruders, and making sure that your security strategy evolves as cyber-criminal tactics change.

How to get started with Bellwether Managed Cyber Defense

Discover Your Baseline

We’ll assess how you’re currently managing security

Uncover Gaps

You’ll get a report that uncovers gaps and helps you to understand your vulnerabilities

Formulate a Plan

We’ll create a security plan that will enable your organization to better manage cyber risks

Deploy and Launch

We’ll deploy the technology necessary for launching security tactics in your plan

Maintain and Iterate

We’ll meet on a regular basis to monitor effectiveness and make changes when necessary